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Pevex Services Ltd.


We, including other members of the TMS Group, offer a wide range of business services with the principal objective of tax efficiency.

We provide an extensive range of services to SMEs, including start-ups. This includes giving the right advice before starting, as mistakes made at the outset can be expensive to correct later.

The following list provides a summary of our services and we would invite potential clients to contact us to discuss their requirements.

Website Design and Hosting Services

We offer our website design and hosting package as one inclusive service. The “light” package includes website design up to 5 pages, hosting on our hosting account in Iceland (well positioned between the USA and Europe for speed and also in a country which values privacy). This service includes up to 5 email accounts (POP3, IMAP or webmail).

Our “Pro” package includes up to 10 pages, a simple shopping cart and linking with a Paypal account to sell online. Up to 10 email accounts are offered with our Pro package.


SEO Reports and Packages

If the thought of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) sends you to sleep, or indeed you just don’t have time, we have a practical and cost-effective solution.

Detailed SEO report

To start with we will give you a complete and detailed SEO report on your website new or existing for a modest fixed fee. The report covers 40 different aspects of your website, covering  code quality, search engine rank, analytics, even spelling and speed. You can request as many of these reports as you wish at the same low fixed fee and these will track the progress of your SEO efforts.   

Read more about SEO reports and and how they can benefit your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you can’t be found (Google or whatever) you won’t get visitors! Our SEO packages are intended first to get you listed as widely as possible. However, being listed is not enough (if you are on page 97 on Google, nobody is going to find you). If your product or service is popular you are competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other companies offering something similar. The way to increase your ranking is to have external sites linking to yours (backlinks), but you do need to be careful as to the type of website that links in.

Our SEO service addresses both of the above points by:

1. Ensuring your site is submitted and listed in all the main search engines (over 100).

2. That your site is promoted with a regular schedule of Google compliant back-links.   

3. We can provide you with monthly reports charting your site’s progress.

Read more about SEO services and how they can benefit your website.

Banking and Merchant Services

Corporate Bank Account.

Once you have decided where to register your company, the next step is to establish a bank account - not necessarily in the same jurisdiction.

We, and other TMS Group companies, are authorised agents for a number of banks and in many cases can arrange for both corporate accounts to be opened remotely i.e. without a personal visit.

Merchant services.
How to accept payments “on-line”?  At its simplest, a PayPal account will get you started. The ability to accept credit cards is the next step. There are literally hundreds of merchant service providers and fees and costs can vary widely.

Jurisdictions Summary and Comparison

Where should your business be registered? It is not as simple as saying “in the same place as I live”. To the contrary, for e-commerce services it is often far more tax efficient to base your business in a tax free jurisdiction. We, and other TMS Group companies (see summary on the footer of this page) can advise you further. In particular, Tai Pan International a fellow TMS Group company, is able to arrange for the establishment of companies at competitive prices in many of the low and zero tax jurisdictions worldwide.

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