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SEO Report

For €45, we offer a full, detailed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) report on your new or existing website. This fully automated report covers 40 different areas of your site, including:

This test checks to see whether the website uses semantic (explanatory) HTML and whether or not it is is W3C compliant - a  recent standard to ensure websites work across most browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices. Bing and Google particularly will mark down sites for poor code quality.

This shows how many external sites/ pages link to your site. The volume and the quality of the links is very important to search engines - the better the links, the more ‘authority’ the site has and thus the higher its ranking.

This measures the relative popularity of your site against others and uses the Alexa ranking system, a ‘score’ for the site is shown. For example the No. 1 site (Google) is the best possible and Alexa goes down to approximately 20 million. A fairly popular site will be ranked in the first 5 million. It will take at least 3 months to achieve an Alexa ranking.

This test displays the way your site will be shown in Google, Bing etc. For example, page titles and page descriptions which are too long will be cut. This test identifies every search result and gives a short report with recommendations.

This test or rather series of tests summarises how ‘well’ the site is built and includes many items which are not visible to the site’s users. Sites are frequently judged by their superficial appearance with little thought given to the quality of the code, headings etc.

… and 35 further reports for you to be able to make improvements to your site.   

SEO report summary

We can normally deliver the report (either by link or by pdf) within 48 hours of it being ordered. You can order as many reports as you wish and our SEO service (details below) includes a monthly report. Even if you don’t order our SEO service, please feel free to order as many reports as you need. We would recommend monthly as a good interval to give you time to update your website between reports.

Single reports cost €45 each.

Three reports cost €90 (e.g. pay for 2 get 1 free).

…Please contact us for larger quantities (and larger discounts).

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