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Prepaid debit cards

We are agents for a number of prepaid debit card providers and can offer prepaid debit cards either as part of a corporate bank account or as a“stand alone” product.


We offer banks in a number of jurisdictions. All the banks listed offer both corporate and personal accounts with full Internet banking.

The Bank of England, London, 1920's

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(Relevant to US persons only)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is U.S. legislation enacted to “prevent offshore tax abuses by U.S. persons”.  The legislation forces global financial institutions, investment entities, as well as national banks and other financial organisations to report details of their U.S. clients directly to the USA.

As a result of the onerous compliance obligations, the majority of the banks listed above (and indeed worldwide) will not open accounts for "US persons" eg US passport holders OR residents.  

A few will - Bank of St Lucia International Ltd. & Global Bank of Commerce Ltd  (Antigua). - being two), However details of accounts involving a US person WILL be subject to disclosure to the American authorities and in particular to the IRS.  

The only "simple" way for US persons to avoid FATCA is NOT to own or control non-US accounts.

However there are solutions and we would be happy to discuss these in confidence.