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The first question is ‘why create a website?’ At a minimum a website is an online brochure which can be used to provide information about a business. The website will describe where the business is, the products or services it offers. It will also of course help to attract new customers, who otherwise would not have heard of it.

We offer a cost effective in-house web-design service using Serif WebPlus X8 software. Serif offers a number of templates that typically cost £13.26 (around €18.50, or US$21) and most businesses will find a template to suit them. There are of course other ways to design a website notably Word Press, which is largely free. Unfortunately (in our opinion) they look like it, too! At the other end of the scale are hand coded websites written in Adobe Dreamweaver or similar… wonderful but very expensive.

We realise, that most clients want a straightforward, functioning website in a style they can live with. They do not want to spend thousands on building the ‘perfect’ website – and thousands more maintaining it (or rather, paying a web-designer to do so). We would prefer to offer a website that will serve its purpose and can be directly maintained by the client at modest cost. We believe that most of our potential clients want:-

An attractive design and layout for the website

The website should be attractively designed, with clear presentation and straightforward navigation, so that visitors to the site can find what they are looking for quickly.

The website should be easily changeable by non-experts.

As already explained, to keep costs low we invite clients to choose from an existing template. Serif WebPlus X8 is reasonably priced (c.£90 and often discounted) allowing any client to install it for future maintenance. WebPlus has tutorials, a forum and a fairly good help system. Whilst designing a website from scratch would probably be too time consuming, amending (offline) this page or adding that page later is relatively easy.

SEO capability or how to be ‘seen’ on the Internet

For many people SEO (search engine optimisation) is getting into the realms of black magic. – this includes many so called SEO experts. Take the largest search engine (Google). It has a very simple, yet very successful business plan. It makes its money from advertisers (its customers). The way it does it is to identify high-traffic websites onto which adverts may be placed. To do that it has to know which websites are high traffic. From this basic business plan Google has developed a system for ranking websites and providing the results via its own analytics tools. To get ‘noticed’ on Google you have to provide its ‘crawlers’ with computer readable information (search engines can’t judge your site on the quality of your pictures!). Please see our SEO services page for more information.

Suffice to say that WebPlus allows for page headers, page descriptions, header information, and of course keywords to be easily added. This is the first step to get Google to index the site.

Hosting of a working website.

Once the website has been created and approved it needs to be hosted. It is possible to do this from an office computer or server, but reliability is important and we strongly recommend using a professional web-hosting company… Oh, and you will also need a domain name.

If it’s so easy, why do you need us?

The answer is, it depends on how much time you have available. It is always easier to change something than to create it from scratch (or even from templates). We are aiming our services at busy people who want to get a website up and running as soon as possible – and without paying the earth for it.

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